Aaron Cole – Kali master in Zagreb  

There was one more interesting event in Zagreb this year. Guest in Zagreb on 17.-18.02. was Aaron Cole – great Kali master. On the event, there were participants from Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Estonia and Slovenija.

Aaron Cole master of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali

Aaeron Cole_1Aaron Cole, master of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, one of the instructors Maisog PTK International, came to Croatia. Damir Javorovic, who is the representative for the PTK in Croatia, called Aaron to promote with him Kali in this part of the world. We wrote about Kali on our web portal and it was a great success. We were present on one part of the seminar and it was great. When I came to the gym there were many smiling faces who were very pleasant to me. They threated me as I was their friend for years. It was a great experience. One of his students came to me and, without any question, he gave me sticks for practice. I would like to thank him for that one more time.


Basics, basics, basics…


In the beginning, we start with very unusual warming up. Aaron showed us basic exercises in Kali. He was showing how to practice alone at home. This exercises develop speed, correct tehnic, coordination and stamina. Exercises looked very simple but in the end that part of training was very demanding. If you practice that with concentration and visualisation exercises become much more complicated. After warming up we took the stick and implement it in the movement practice. Then we saw why the basics are so important. Aaron was leading us from basics to advanced technics. In between he gave us some great advice to implement in our daily martial art practise. For me best thing was his constant accent on basic practice, because I think it is the most important part of every martial art.


All around great knowledge




On seminar we learned technics with stick, knife, two knifes, karambit and hand to hand combat. Aaron was also teaching private lessons for representatives from Croatia, Estonia and Austria. That teaching will be used for spreading Kali to their students. At seminar Aaron told us that he first trained Hapkido, Wing Tsun and Hung Gar.

Eleven years ago he started to train Kali and now he is a personal assistant to Tuhon Rommel Tortal. He lives and teaches in Shanghai, China. After the seminar I can confirm that Croatia have very good base of practitioners lead by Damir Javorovic.

If you want to be in their team please look for more information on www.ptk-croatia.com.

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